Bigger IS Better

IMG_7730wp crop
Two BIG T-CT’s next to an original size T-CT (at left)

Yes, it’s a cliche… but in some cases it’s true. The venerable ASABE had published a study years ago that came with a recommendation that the size of the SMV emblem be increased by twice the size of what is still current… (dating back more than 50 years…) when farm equipment was smaller and traffic was slower and there was less of it.  That recommendation was dismissed out of hand. We at Safety Psychographics aren’t ones to sit back and take such actions (or lack of action) at face value. Our think tank has created a bigger version of our already-bigger Tri-Color Triangle ™ and has been quite pleased at its potential to be EVEN safer for users and motorists than the groundbreaking T-CT.

With much of today’s modern, larger farm equipment being So Big now that standard SMV emblems have  become “lost” in the the vastly-increased visual real estate that confronts oncoming motorists… practically like the “side of a barn” traveling down the road in front of you… we felt that it was only proper to ignore the hidebound, change-shy response of Dismissing Size Increase that apparently fits a pattern of maintaining status quo and seeming-industry/trade protectionism, and instead proceed with some more uncommon Common Sense progress… in the vein of the AE50-worthy T-CT itself.

IMG_7699 wp
Big, wide equipment benefits most from big T-CTs

We went ahead and made up an initial proof-of-concept quantity of BIG Tri-Color Triangles ™ that are one and one half times bigger than our existing product and are quite pleased with the results. Farmer Rich Zolvinski of Twin Maple Farms outside of LaPorte, Indiana, has been very satisfied this planting season of 2018 with a BIG T-CT running on the back of his large cultivating disc as it travels many miles between Rich’s widely-separated fields across LaPorte and St. Joseph counties in Indiana. He reports that he notices at least half of the vehicles that are coming up behind him start slowing down sooner than before and then stay farther back. Such positive behavioral changes are to both the farmer’s and the motorist’s benefits in the potential to prevent accidents. SOMETHING is getting those motorists’ attention… probably more so here on such giant equipment than even a “regular-“sized T-CT is capable of. We chalk it up to the following factors:

-The T-CT itself is already about 1 1/2 times larger in area than the original SMV emblem, owing to the 3” wide yellow-green stripes surrounding the old core emblem.

-The BIG T-CT, being scaled-up 1 1/2 times from the T-CT, yields approximately a 2 to 2 and 1/4 increase overall in area from the original SMV emblem (1 1/2 x 1 1/2 = 2 1/4); this figure being in the ballpark of the old, dismissed recommendation of a twice-as-big increase.

-The BIG T-CT has, of course, all of the attributes of the T-CT, namely, a 3rd eye-catching color and being totally-retro-reflective for night use.

In addition to the above shots, the following pictures are also of the BIG T-CT in use at a major cooperative in Michiana, including details of how they are readily mounted on equipment that is geared to displaying standard, small SMV emblems. When safety is involved, a little extra effort might be needed to start utilizing this cutting-edge protection for yourself and the public after the testing phase is done and BIG T-CTs are available. Local customers for the BIG T-C T in the local area should contact the Agronomist* at Co-Alliance in Schoolcraft, Michigan, in order to obtain their own T-C T and stay on the cutting-edge of farm safety. *R.J. Lee is handling this great new development above and beyond his regular duties at the co-op. Text or call him at (269) 251-2053. Customers/testers outside the area serviced by this co-op should contact Safety Psychographics directly for price and shipping information.

The sprayer and spreader fleet in service of public safety testing of this worthwhile advance
NOW, something truly appropriate to be seen clearly on today’s gigantic farm equipment… especially when it must run on busy 4-lane roads where other traffic speeds by
There IS a reason why other critical public safety vehicles use those Yellow-Green Stripes!
Safely back to base after doing battle with heavy traffic on fast-moving 4-lane highways.
IMG_6842 reg triangle hagie before wp crop
The Field Scout definitely stands out more than the old-style triangle (before it gets changed out)
IMG_6847 hagie shim wood wp
A wood spacer may be needed at times to accommodate mounting the BIG T-CT
IMG_6876 wp crop
The equipment can now hold its own against the Field Scout’s hi-visibility shirt and jacket
IMG_7647wp crop
After the first run of BIG T-CTs for testing, it became apparent that more mounting holes spaced to the regular SMV emblem hole pattern would facilitate differing equipment configurations
IMG_7651 wp crop
The second batch of BIG T-CTs are obviously easier to install
IMG_7665wp crop
Voilà! Fait Accompli
IMG_7733 wp crop
Working with much more road-worthy (for being safer) large farm equipment on a daily basis (#1)
IMG_7659 wp crop
Working with much more road-worthy (for being safer) large farm equipment on a daily basis (#2)
IMG_7680wp crop
Working with much more road-worthy (for being safer) large farm equipment on a daily basis (#3; the TCT at the left is standard size)

Here are some more pictures of BIG T-CTs as demonstrated on other farm and horse-drawn equipment. See what you think upon viewing these and decide if this extra step is the way to go. The BIG T-CT is, of course, equally-protected by both copyright and now US Patent, as is the original size T-CT.

DSCN5920 twk big color twk wp resize
Side by side comparison at near-equal distance with the standard emblem that looks like it’s a decorative oversight amongst all the visual real estate back there.
DSCN5928 twk big ammonia
Ammonia tank BIG T-CT example. Self-preservation instinct while hauling these “bombs” is what brought about the whole T-CT development. (Tested on the same stretch of road that the president of Studebaker informally road-tested the 160 mph-rated Avanti on back in the early 1960s… Indiana 2, from the proving grounds to South Bend) {Sherwood Egbert vs. the Speeding Tolerance Level of the Indiana State Police}
DSCN5915 twk far still big resize
This perspective shot reveals how the larger size compensates for greater distances (from approaching motorists)… the BIG T-CT appearing about the same size as the closer common SMV emblem
IMG_3838 big twk nite
Night-time shot of 3 BIG T-CTs on the ground, along with a regular T-CT and a standard emblem. Lit by the low beams of car headlights. This illustrates the glaring deficiencies of SMV emblems as they exist today… trying to stand out at night with their still-used, previously-only-available retro-reflective strategy dating from the 1960s. This is a New Century, people!
IMG_3826 twk big wp
A common, current SMV emblem superimposed over a BIG T-CT, seen by flash photography. The Technicolor(tm) drive-in theater metal marquee sign came in handy to prop up the small emblem for this shot.
DSCN5950 twk - big ernie enhanced wp
While it has been initially challenging to get our naturally-conservative Amish friends to come around to the more colorful-but-safer regular T-CT emblem, the next challenge for them is to go whole hog on safety in this respect and sport the BIG T-CTs. Let self-preservation override sense of style. A side benefit would be less black paint to keep up on the backsides of the vulnerable buggies.
IMG_3925 twk big MM
Even veteran equipment can benefit from the size increase. While creativity may be needed for mounting strategies, the user must simply decide if the extra trouble is a good trade-off for not getting rear-ended.