Ordering and contact information

The Tri-Color Triangle ™ in mountable  version on .063 ga. aluminum (with pre-cut multiple mounting holes from our Amish supplier) are available for sale in stated testing context.

The Tri-Color Triangle ™ is both copyrighted and patented. At this time it is only available from us and our participating Plain Community/horse-drawn equipment dealers.

This is the only version offered; a stick-on “decal” version is not sold any longer. This product is sold with restrictions of both the testing context and the limited use context, to keep the T-C T (and all SMV emblems) from being negatively impacted by Dilution Of Effect.

Orders from members of Plain communities continue to be serviced either from your participating local horse-drawn equipment supplier (as they have from the beginning of sales) or from Safety Psychographics LLC directly.

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Please contact us for current pricing and shipping information if you want to purchase a T-CT and both participate in the ongoing road-testing of the T-C T and benefit by (and contribute to) greater road safety. Original size (above) and BIG SIZE for big equipment available. The ordering information, including pricing, shipping and other updated information will shortly appear in an updated page/link in the near future as developments progress for this great new pair of products.
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Safety Psychographics

Box 1104

Notre Dame

IN 46556-1104

(574) 675-1969

[ VoIP ]



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