Mounting instructions for Maximum Effectiveness through Greatest Contrast

Many farmers have seen legacy SMV emblems used relatively ineffectively over the years for the simple reason of built-in Lack of Contrast. Notice the next time you see a strictly orange-and-red old emblem on a piece of equipment painted either red or orange that it doesn’t exactly stand out very much. This is from simple lack of effective contrast between the emblem and the background it is mounted against.

IMG_9209 lack of contrast 22

Don’t let a similar lack of contrast partially-undermine the benefits of using your new Tri-Color Triangle ™ by ordinarily mounting it against, say, a yellow, light green or white piece of equipment’s surface without first taking a basic step to increase the contrast. First, determine the best and proper location where the new T-C T will go.

tct with contrast circle

Then, with minimal art skills, paint a black or dark-colored circle that is about 1 1/2 times the overall diameter of the T-C T that the new emblem will be centered in. Then, with newfound confidence in the increased visibility-through-contrast that you will now benefit from, go ahead and mount the T-C T… knowing that you truly have all of the safety features inherent in it available for following motorists to see and to keep you safe. In fact, it probably would be a good practice to utilize this black/dark contrasting color technique on nearly every piece of equipment you operate, especially the red or orange ones… and particularly if you haven’t yet upgraded them to running a T-C T and are relying on legacy orange-and-red triangles.

The Amish don’t seem to have any “lack of contrast” problem

DSCN5950 big and little TCT fb
Props to any Amishman who would use a BIG T-C T on his buggy to be really, REALLY safe!

More shots of unnecessarily ineffective legacy triangles against equipment of non-contrasting colors

IMG_9208 lack of contrast 22

IMG_8339 lack of contrast 22

IMG_8334 lack of contrast 22