Bright Idea in the works: LED-augmentation

simulated LED lites embedded triangle org + yel-grn IMG_8270 wp
Artistic rendition of Light-Emitting-Diode enhanced Tri-Color Triangle ™ [copyrighted]
Safety Psychographics announces that an LED-augmented version of our Tri-Color Triangle ™ is in the works for additional night-time (and even extra daytime) safety for our horse-drawn and farming customers. Above is an artistic rendition of this work in progress. This additional development is, of course, also copyrighted.

Even with the obvious day and night benefits of using the Tri-Color Triangle ™ by itself, we feel that even more conspicuity can still be beneficial. News reports of Amish and Mennonite buggies continuing to be rear-ended for whatever reasons is a situation we cannot abide by if Safety Psychographics has anything to do about it.

Our efforts on this development should not be confused with existing “orange plastic/molded reflector” types of converted SMV emblems that have found some popularity among Plain communities over the years and are not made to modern standards. This will be the Real Deal.