Patented and Copyrighted

IMG_3248 twk 22Update: Patent granted

The Tri-Color Triangle ™ is a copyrighted* design that is additionally patented in the United States and cannot be copied (counterfeited) in any size, nor may the design be utilized by others, whether for sale or not, in any manner (including decorative, clothing, advertising or cultural reference purposes) nor may such potential copies, impinging derivations, trade dress infringement attempts nor counterfeits be sold by any other person or manufacturer

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Detail from patent page

*Copyrighted aspects do not include the core, legacy SMV emblem design elements, but DO include the new outer band of color around it** (yellow-green/”safety green” et al) of substantial width; that new color being a fluorescent color; that new color being retro-reflective. An additional aspect is the center orange triangular section being not only (legacy) fluorescent but additionally being retro-reflective. Simplistic color or other variations of elements of this design, in transparent attempts to avoid the copyright contained herein, would be viewed as impinging derivations and/or trade dress violation and to be treated as counterfeits and will not be tolerated.

**the color fidelity of the 2nd or 3rd generation paper copy from the USPTO materials shown here not to be construed as limiting the actual color claimed for copyright or patent purposes.